New Projectors with Sensor


We redesigned the sky sensor projector radically changing its appearance. This new model is incorporated into the market as the stock of the current model runs out of stock.

The new outdoor projectors with sensor will be smaller and elongated, in addition to considerably reducing their thickness.

We replace the current PIR sensor and improve the product with a microwave sensor, which has a wider detection range and can penetrate acrylic, glass or non-metallic fine materials.

Among the multiple advantages of the microwave sensor we find that it has no lens, so we avoid maintenance due to its aging. Also, we nullify the dead angles and it is not affected by temperature, humidity, air flow, dust, noise, brightness and other environmental factors.

Detection Area / Detection Area:

It can be adjusted by setting the code switch to set 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%.

Hold time / Delay time:

Allows you to adjust the ignition time after the moving object moves away from the detection zone (5s, 1 ’, 3’ and 5 ’)

Day Light Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor

Power setting with option to activate when it detects movement and the ambient light is less than 25 lux, or, provided there is movement regardless of the ambient light.

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