OPTIC / INA / DIS / NIX 2W 100-240V


These LED mini-spots can be used indoors or outdoors (IP 67) and have the function of signalization. They are ideal for illuminating a path, an entrance driveway, gardens, on wooden terraces or inlaid in cement and other outdoor areas.

They can also be installed indoors for lighting in stairs and in a corridor, etc.

These products provide rather intense luminous discs without glare and have a durable and beautiful aesthetic finish.

Its advantages, operating at 220V (without transformer), consume only 2W, are equipped with LEDs and are extremely resistant, IK09, INOX316 which allows an excellent corrosion resistance.

Optic supports the passage of vehicles of 2000 kg, while Ina, Dis and Nix have a resistance of 1000 kg.

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