BENEITO FAURE introduces in the market a new outdoor projector with high power 1OOW, 150W and 200W that will complement our well-known SKY collection.
It is the new SKY model in tonality 2200Kw with a luminous efficiency of up to 14,000 Lumens.

In addition to gathering all the technical characteristics of their collectors: Azko Nobel anti-corrosion marine paint, IP65, aluminum finish, breathing valve to regulate the temperature and internal condensation, integrated connection and TUV approval, has the distinction of allowing to illuminate monuments and the replacement of 70w and 150w sodium vapor lamps installed in street lighting.

Last, but not least, we enter a small plot of the complex world of botany. This 2200k temperature projector complies with regulations in European natural parks where the ultra-warm tone of the device favors the growth and development of plants and trees.

A projector with a 5-year warranty with guaranteed success in our catalog.

You will find detailed information by visiting our website, catalog or through our commercial agents who will give you more detailed advice.

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