OBOS 2200K


The new lamps called “OBO” are one of the latest news in public lighting of the catalog C-26 of this year of Beneito-Faure.

We refer to the lamps specially designed to transform the current lamps into led without having to change the staff.

Beneito-Faure produces a complete range in 19W, 27W, 36W and 45W in E-27 (in 36 and 45W also available in E-40) and with the characteristic light in 2200K that replaces the sodium vapor of amber. It is also a special light to illuminate monuments, ideal as light for natural parks according to the ultra-warm European Normative and which helps the growth of plants and trees.
It is a “future new” that is planned to have it in stock on the middle of July.

Also highlight that they have an IP64, they can be locked and with a 5 year warranty.

Currently on our website you could find the technical sheets and LTD files of the Obo in 5000K and 2200K.

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