The market requires it and Beneito Faure is ready and happy to satisfy his customers.

We are talking about of Picolo, the new projector already presented at the Light + Building fair, in Frankfurt.

This cylindrical and small-sized projector, as understood by its own name, measures 95cm in height and 50mm in diameter and is already one of the most popular products.
Picolo has a power of 9.5W, is made of aluminum and is supplied in 2 colors, black or white.

It is a very interesting object on which Beneito Faure is aiming a lot.
Thanks to its 2700k, 3000k, 4000k color tones and the fact that it is supplied with already included 3 optics of 15 °, 38 ° and 60 °, Picolo is the solution that best fits in many projects, allowing to illuminate the environment, choosing the most suitable solution for your needs. Both our technical but decorative taste at the same time is satisfied.
Do not forget that it presents a CRI> 90, a feature considered very important.

Let’s connect to our web page for more information, this elegant and refined product Picolo will surely attract your attention and you will not be able to forget it to illuminate your spaces or your projects.

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