Beneito-Faure released the new model called “Aria” which replaces our Master and Long of 30W and 42W respectively.

The substitution is gradually being made as the old model is finished in stock, thus changing to the new model.

The Aria of 30W replaces the Master and as always in two versions: E27 and E40 in 2700 and 5000K.

The 50W Aria replaces the 42W Long also in E27 and E40 in 2700 and 5000K.

Their technical data sheets are already available on our website to be able to consult all the technical characteristics of these lamps as well as to be able to download their dialux files (you need to enter the code 1964).

In order to be able to have the entire Aria range available in the short term, we are offering our customers the old model at the price of the new model, which is considerably cheaper.

To finish remembering that they are specific lamps of “public lighting” and that it is very important to respect their necessary ventilation.

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