Let’s play with light (Converse Lighting)


Beneito Faure surprises and innovates again with its new CONVERSE LIGHTING projector.
This new device offers the best most refined design and high-quality finishes.
Following its line of being a leading brand in the lighting market, Beneito Faure wants to offer the ideal projector for any situation and time, being able to adapt it to all our needs, offering us in a single device two possibility of lighting tones: in vertical position, we will have a white and harmonious light of 5,500K, and turning it upside down we could enjoy a sweet and warm light of 900K. Finally, Beneito Faure, playing with gravity, gives us a third horizontally position, with which we could have at the same time the two different shades, offered by Converse Lighting.
Another innovation with Converse Lighting is its convenient recharge possible through a micro USB charger. Its battery range is of between 4 and 5 hours of intense light.

Its fine and compacted size will make it become an indispensable product in our living rooms and bedrooms.

BENEITO FAURE introduces his new model Converse Lighting
Dimmable lighting. Gravity sensor
Our Converse Lighting has between 900K and 5500K.
This product is available in our warehouse

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