Finally we can inform our customers of good news and much expected for some time.

Beneito Faure returns to have the 11W dimmable tubular linear (our references 3477 and 3478) in stock.

After not being available for more than 1 year, we put it back on sale since all the lab tests have been positive, thus offering the Beneito guarantee that said product meets all the requirements.

We remind you that it is a Linear Tubular Dimmable R7s 118mm lamp of 11 watts in 360º and available in 3000k and 4000K offering a flow of lumens of 1210 and 1280 respectively.

We apologize for the inconvenience that we may have caused during the time that this lamp has been withdrawn from the sale but for Beneito Faure the guarantee, safety and quality in its products is always an essential feature in our sales policy.

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