Lighting in the workplace


At Beneito Faure know the importance of adequate lighting in the workplace. The standard for lighting UNE-EN-12464 applies to the workstations to provide visual comfort to workers, increase safety and reduce fatigue.

Increasingly, lighting professionals orient our training to advise our clients and develop light projects based on current regulations.

The contrasts of light cause us to look away from the main area of work and our retina must adapt to new conditions causing blurred vision, visual fatigue, etc.

Having adequate values of illuminance brings healthy benefits that will be reflected in the daily work of each employee, in addition to a uniformity of light to the specific activity of the work center.

Beneito Faure has a photometric laboratory with sophisticated software for the lighting calculation of each lamp. We provide the computer files media and we help our clients so that they can develop a correct light 

study for the final consumer.

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Development of lighting projects based on adequate lighting in the workplace

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