Summer arrives and with it the reforms of home and garden. Most of the time we forget that the entrance of our home is our letter of presentation. Beneito Faure thing that the best way to do it is with design and quality.

The solar energy in not only a renewable source every day more affordable because of the news luminaries LED, also avoid us the inconvenient like works. 

For that, BENEITO FAURE has designed the NEO model in 3000k and 4000k so that the entrance of our home be your best reflection. 

And now, we present a new NEO model without detectors.

Our NEO LED BENEITO FAURE have IP54, 9w of power and 700 lumens. And also, will be available in two shades: 3000k an 4000k and will have two years of guaranty or 25.000 hours of live.

NEO will be coming soon available in our department store in with and black. 

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