“bio”- Led Light


A way to help the environments is to use LED lamps instead of traditional bulbs.

You can find the reason is in the following topic:

 the LED lamps are made by recycling materials, not contain gases neither Mercury and led lamps give off less heat so you can save energy.

Investigations prove that if we change all traditional bulbs with the LED one, in 10 years we would be able to reduce Co2 and save energy for 1.93 Billion of Dollar.

Thanks to LED ability to save energy until a 40 % a lot of European city such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris and EE UU are already using these lamps in public places.

Furthermore, the long LED life, the IK and a more vibration resistance helps you to reduce replacement and maintenance cost for LED lamps.

As you can see the LED lamps have a lot of vantages which you can add the possibility to a chromatic control and dimming the light to get a pleasing and healthy places. 

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